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The busiest year

November 30, 2011

It sems strange popping my head into View Across the Pond.  even more so to see the interest people still have when reading it. Thank you for reading what has effectively become an archive of my writings.

It was never my intention to become so lax, so absent, but this year has again been very busy.  My main work has been very busy plus in my own small business I have seen major changes to all my current clients sites, a new client addition – one which needs a complete site build from the ground up and will be the most major client on my books.

I have also done some print designs and designs for a couple of singles that are now on iTunes, Amazon etc.

That doesn’t mean I don’t follow the subjects that interest me, but despite having so much I have wanted to say, sadly have not had the time to say it.

So as we near the end of another year – I’m not ditching the blog – just yet – if time gives it I may be back.

Take care all and thank you again to those that have taken an interest even when the site has been so dormant

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