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VATPs Patriot and Prick of the Year awards 2010

December 23, 2010

I wondered whether I should do this, but as we come to the end of the year – nay the end of the decade, and given the fact that with Christmas quickly approaching I am likely to be otherwise engaged over the next week or so, I thought I would indeed do a quick segment which I am calling “Patriot” and “Prick of the Year” awards.

To be fair, for me personally, it’s not so hard to choose the two people I want to choose – one who is very deserving of his reward for “Patriot of the Year” and the other who without a doubt, even in the heated shortlist (in my head anyway), stands above all others for “Prick of the Year”.

And I know, I know, isn’t this a little juvenile?  Well yes I admit it is – I am not someone who will resort to ad hominem attacks and neither is this meant to be in that vein, it’s just a tongue in cheek look at two people.

I would be interested to see who your own “Patriot” and “Pricks” are of this year too.

Both of the posters on this article have been created by myself.

Patriot of the Year 2010: Jon Stewart:

You know there are many people who really are deserving of this award, for all the hard work they do, whether it be in front or behind the scenes.

But Jon Stewart gets it for me.

I know the usual arguments used against him:

  • He’s not really news even though the “libs” think he is
  • He isn’t even that funny
  • Wow, look he’s not on Fox, who watches him anyway!

(I told you this would be done slightly tongue in cheek.)

Anyway, why Jon Stewart? Well for me it was one issue, an issue I have had close to my own heart given the most humbling experience I had when I visited Ground Zero a couple of years ago, the books I have read that tell the stories of bravery, of heroes, of men and women who walked into a maelstrom to search for survivors and who stayed until all – dead or alive – had left the site – the men and women of the 9/11 First Responders.

Jon Stewart’s impassioned plea where he stopped being just the comedian, the satirist, his genuine concern and rallying for the issue that was being largely ignored by the media, win him the “Patriot” award.

Stewart shamed a lot of the media into finally giving this issue the airtime it needed.  I think without him and other’s there is a good chance that this bill would not have been signed through.

By shaming the politicians who were using lame excuses not to pass the bill, by shaming the media who seemed more intent on trivial politicking than a genuine issue that deserved the airtime, I think Stewart deserves some credit for what he did.

I know more people have worked harder and longer behind the scenes but sometimes people don’t take note of an issue until they see it on the TV.

So thank you Mr Stewart.

You make me laugh, I like the way you take on the media and the politicians and I liked the fact that you were able to show people the real issue with your humbling program.

Prick of the Year 2010: John McCain

OOo look another John.

You know, McCain made a serious mistake during the 2008 Presidential election and he knows it and I think he is seriously taking out his anger on everyone else for his mistake in choosing Sarah Palin as VP nomination.  Saying that McCain’s candidacy was lost probably before she stepped into the arena, but it showed the poor judgments of a man who acted in desperation and has been paying for it ever since.

John McCain has become a very bitter old man.  His stance this year, being a lead Republican Senator filibustering any legislation he once championed or showed an interest in repealing – take the DREAM Act, a provision he originally supported, and DADT which once he had said he would support if:

“the leadership of the military comes to me and says, ‘Senator, we ought to change the policy,’ then I think we ought to consider seriously changing it,”

Instead what he did was what is commonly known as an “about-face”.  Not only did he stand firmly in its way and thank god firmly failed,  he resorted to lying, misrepresenting and pretty much had a paddy on the Senate floor on saturday trying in a last-ditch effort to stop the legislation.

Oh and lets not forget that John McCain influenced his wife Cindy McCain to support him after she had appeared in a “NoH8” video against gay discrimination.

McCain after his wife changed her mind, then joked on Meet The Press with David Gregory:

“I respect the First Amendment rights of every member of my family,”

If he did, Cindy wouldn’t have done an about-face.

McCain has pandered firmly to the extreme right-wing brigade since he lost the Presidential election, taking stances that are further and further extreme – no longer the “Maverick” that most people thought he was.  The Daily Beast did an op-ed today which suggests McCain is still angry about the election loss:

David Berman, a political science professor at Arizona State University and a longtime McCain observer, said the senator cannot let go on issues like DADT and START because of lingering resentment about Obama’s win. “He has been on a tear to make Obama look less than favorable, to put it mildly, and I think he is a little bit bitter about the election,”

He comes across as more than just bitter, but nasty and damned childish.

He is my “Prick of the Year”.

By the way in case I get too caught up, I wish everyone a very happy Christmas and all the best for a happy new year.  See you in 2011!

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  1. January 10, 2011 4:43 pm

    Thanks for the post. Very important message. Thanks again.

  2. afrankangle permalink
    December 24, 2010 3:20 pm

    Fitting on both counts. In terms of Senator McCain … I have added him to my “don’t listen to” list.

    More importantly, Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    • December 24, 2010 5:15 pm

      Thank you. And merry christmas to you too Al and all the best for 2011

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