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Congratulations to StopBeck again. 301st advertiser confirms no more ads

November 19, 2010

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece highlighting the efforts of blogger StopBeck who for the past year has been working to highlight to advertizers on the Glenn Beck Show what their advert slots are supporting.

As Angelo says on his own site:

“Our purpose is to urge sponsors to stop supporting Glenn Beck’s brand of hate with advertising dollars. To be clear: This effort is not about Glenn Beck’s political opinions.  Rather, this effort is in direct response to Mr. Beck’s continued recklessness.”

Last night StopBeck announced on Twitter and Facebook that Michelin were no longer appearing on the Glenn Beck show.  As has happened a number of times over the year as advertizers have been lost, Fox has ran ads on the 5pm time slot to cover the hole the StopBeck effort is having, but without the advertizers permission.  Advertizers buy specific slots with tv companies on their channels.  In a number of cases, advertizers have found that “by mistake” their adverts have appeared where they did not request.

As Michelin told StopBeck after Angelo reached out to them:

Our policy does not allow for advertising on shows such as Glen Beck [sic]. Thank you for alerting us to what is clearly a mistake. We are taking steps to follow up with the network and our advertising agency. (

The StopBeck effort is a concerted effort between Angelo and his followers who by alerting companies to the rhetoric that appears daily on the Glenn Beck show, it is hoped with starving the show of valuable commercial funding, the parent company may finally take note and some responsibility. As is pointed out however, the bull headedness of Fox and it’s parent company News Corps owned by Rupert Murdoch is that they support their star, even though in the UK he has been running with a total commercial blackout for nine months. As emerged yesterday, the rhetoric doesn’t stop with Glenn Beck but is supported by Roger Ailes, the President of the Fox News Channel, who likened public stations such as NPR to “Nazi’s” and omniously suggested that President Obama “just has a different belief system than most Americans” (Huffington Post)

Because of this polarizing and dangerous rhetoric which is having a devastating effect on the American political system and causing division amongst Americans citizens and which is influencing dangerous nutballs such as Byron Williams (see Newshounds), it seems further and more direct action needs to be taken, not just to stop Glenn Beck but to stop Fox itself.  And by direct action I mean reading about and signing the Drop Fox xampaign that Media Matters has begun.  For ease I have a banner on the “support” area of my sidebar, but here is the link too:

The decision by Michelin to stop their adverts appearing on Glenn Beck’s show marks the 301st advertizer that refuse to be associated with Beck. For a full list of companies that have dropped from the GB show and for a list of advertizers still appearing please go the following links:

Dropped Sponsors:

Remaining Sponsors:

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  1. afrankangle permalink
    November 21, 2010 10:33 pm

    Thanks for the list as it gives me a reason to support some of those products. I sad to believe the guy even has a show, let alone sponsors. Good news is that I not only don’t watch, I don’t listen to anyone who references him in a discussion.

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