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It’s important to vote! – Vote SMART!

November 2, 2010

Today my American friends take to the ballot box to vote in the mid-term elections.

Many believe this is a referendum on President Obama, and many have sure made it about him.  You only have to look at the Tea Party movement and the rush of new “common sense conservatives” who are making their campaigns about him and less about the actual issues that their local constituents may be more aggrieved about.

The media in the run up to the election made much ado about the fact that this was an anti incumbent race – and in some ways it will be – people like Harry Reid (D) are fighting a close battle with representatives of the new “flock” but at the same time many incumbents are still on the ballot – to me the anti-incumbent chant was more hyperbole from the media.

And looking at the media, I don’t think before so much as ridden on what they tell you – just look at the electioneering from News Corps or MSNBC – both partisan although to be far News Corps Fox much more so, with it’s panels full of 2012 Presidential hopefuls and night after night it’s hosts championing Republican candidates.

But in the end of the day, the he said, she said arguements needs to stop.  Tune out the media and look at the candidates themselves.  Forget the anger because voting in anger sometimes leads to voting against your own self interests just to sock it to the people that make you mad.

Look at the candidates, read what they will bring to the table not what side swipes they are making at their opponent or the President – because if that is all that person has and not answers to the problems you are facing – especially of today they still have not been able to articulate a solution, think to yourself, is this candidate really going to help you once in office.  Or will they use their position to fillibuster, stall and repeal simply because they don’t like the “marxist/socialist/nazi/kenyan” in power.

Channel out the vitriol, clear the mind field of the talking points – remember this is the person that has to represent all their constituents not just a chosen few – everyone, including the “elites” they have spent their campaign rallying against.

Good luck America today. We’re all looking to you.

For anyone looking for some real information about the election, the issues etc, then may I recommend Project Vote Smart, a non-partisan group made up of Liberals and Conservatives who as they say “got tired of politicians not telling the truth about their record or intentions” (PVS FB)

Here is some information from their website:

Voting Records — Compare what your representatives said during the campaign with how they actually voted on the record.

Biographical & Contact Information — From their previous professions, education, families, organizational membership to their latest e-mail address, we gather it all.

Issue Positions (Political Courage Test) — We test thousands of candidates for President, Congress, Governor and State Legislature with our Political Courage Test. The test accurately measures a candidate’s willingness to provide voters with their positions on the issues they will most likely face if elected to represent you.

Interest Group Ratings — Over 150 competing special interest groups, from conservative to liberal, evaluate your representatives. Look at what they say.

Public Statements — The Project constantly collects speeches and public comments of the president, governors, and congressional representatives. Just type in a word, say; ‘immigration’ and all public utterances containing the word ‘immigration’ will appear. Compare what they said while campaigning in California a few years ago to what they are saying now in New Hampshire.

Campaign Finances — How much money did your representatives raise and from whom? Just follow the money and then follow the votes.

For more information including, Which candidates are more like you? Candidate Courage Test, and more, go to:

Remember your vote matters and it is all that matters today – sitting down and not voting and then decrying later only means you haev to look at yourself – vote, it’s important, and in some ways even more so than before.

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  1. afrankangle permalink
    November 2, 2010 4:32 pm

    Heard about Vote Smart for the first time yesterday while listening to POTUS on XM radio. Wish the word about it would have gotten out sooner … oh well … at least we know for next time.

    Meanwhile, count me in as one Ohioan looking forward to seeing fewer campaign ads on TV.

    • November 2, 2010 5:18 pm

      To be fair I only heard about them because of a search I was doing for this post – but I agree, it is a shame that they have been given little advertisement because I think they would be very benificial to many people who may not be aware of all the issues or who would take the word of their candidate – when we know many have said one thing, done another and are using the first against their opoonents.

      And yeah I know a few people who are sick of the ads, the robocalls etc.

      Thanks again for reading.

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