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Thug identified as Rand Paul supporter and still the right blames the victim

October 27, 2010

Thug Tim Profitt, pictured with Rand Paul - there goes the "plant" theories

You know I despair sometimes.

Even when irrefutable evidence is presented people still try and spin something so the narrative absolves themselves of responsibility.

Yesterday I blogged (Violence at Rand Paul Event) about the absolutley terrifying incident when MoveOn associate Lauren Valle was manhandled and stomped upon by what was then considered an “apparent” Rand Paul supporter (apparent because at that time nothing was concrete about the attacker).

Today it has been confirmed that the perp was indeed a Rand Paul supporter and surprise surprise the guy is blaming the victim.

Tim Profitt, a volunteer for the Rand Paul for Senate campaign, and referenced by Paul in a newspaper endorsement (see Barefoot and Progressive) admitted his part in the incident on Monday night:

“I’m sorry that it came to that, and I apologize if it appeared overly forceful, but I was concerned about Rand’s safety”

But he blamed the police for not stepping in beforehand.  It emerges, and is also referenced by Valle in her own interviews, that Rand Paul supporters had reported Valle’s presecence at this event (as she has been at many Rand Paul events) to the police but the police had refused to do anything, as they correctly ascertained, Lauren Valle was asserting her right to free speech with her protest. But Proffitt, like too many on the right, see Free Speech as the right of themselves and not anyone else – do we need to remember the incidents at town hall meetings last year where Tea Party activists got in the face’s of Senator’s etc and shouted down any reasonable debates on healthcare?

“A friend of mine went up to three policeman before Rand got there, and told them about the girl who was standing there with that wig on and that she was getting ready to do something,” Profitt said. “The policemen looked at him and said that’s not our job.” (msnbc)

And the police were right – again, as much as the Rand Paul supporters may not agree with Valle’s views, she has a right to express them as much as anyone else – as it states under the 1st Amendment.

And as Valle explained she was known amongst Rand Paul supporters as she had appeared at various events.

I have been at a bunch of events before, the previous debate, and the Rand Paul campaign knows me and they have expressed their distastes for my work before. What happened last night was that about five minutes before Rand Paul’s car arrived they identified me and my partner, Alex, who was with me. They surrounded me. There was five of them. They motioned to each other and got behind me. My partner Alex heard them say ‘We are here to do crowd control we might have to take someone out.’ (HuffPo)

The actions that Profitt took, and those before him who manhandled Lauren Valle to the ground go against any form of sanity in any walk of life, let alone a political platform.  But sadly even with a confession from Tim Profitt, even Tim Profitt feels he is the injured party and not Lauren Valle – talk about deflection:

“She’s a professional at what she does,” Profitt said, referring to the activist, “and I think when all the facts come out, I think people will see that she was the one that initiated the whole thing.”

“I don’t think it’s that big of a deal,”

“I would like for her to apologize to me to be honest with you,”

The last three quotes from

You can also watch a video interview with Tim Profitt – now very camera shy – on WKYT‘s story covering this event.  Here is the direct link to VIDEO.

Sadly Tim Profitt has people who agree with him still today, that this was the victims fault and not the assailants.

ABC report an exchange moments after the attack when Valle was being interviewed by the media:

“We’re here to talk about corporate America,” Valle said moments after the attack.

“It looked like you attacked him,” an unidentified Paul supporter said as he listened to the interview.

“No I didn’t attack him,” Valle said.

“It’s a little fishy to me,” the Paul backer shot back.

On The Blaze (Glenn Becks website) one commentator in the comments section said:

Enough of this terrorist. The peeps that stopped her from attacking Rand Paul are heroes.

And others from that site:

– …she is the type of person that you just want to back the car over her after hitting her the first time…

– She got what she deserved. Next!

– Your MoveOn “star” got “moved on to the ground” and deserved what she got!!!….

And from another story on this incident (one which talks about the attacker being identified as definate Rand Paul supporter:

– There is no question in my mind that this was all a fake. The Progressive/Lib’s stages both sides of this.

– I don’t think he was trying to step on her. It looks to me like she is shoving her back onto the soul of his shoe.

– I feel bad for the man because he will be facing legal challenges that he does not deserve, IMO.

And here we have it – the product of current media – a narrative set and not corrected, news allowed to go viral before all facts obtained and others steering news in a certain direction which allows miscreants such as above to still, even when all the facts are presented, decide that a) it’s the victims fault and b)still believe it’s a plant on both sides.

A little late but Rand Paul finally said something regarding the assault and his campaign have distanced themselves from Tom Profitt.  As the LATimes reports:

“Whatever the perceived provocation, any level of aggression or violence is deplorable, and will not be tolerated by our campaign,” Paul campaign manager Jesse Benton said through a statement released Tuesday afternoon. “The Paul campaign has disassociated itself from the volunteer who took part in this incident.”

So as I implored yesterday – stop hiding and stop defending the actions of this thug because the more people try to claim he was provoked, or she deserved it, the more people on the outside are going to look at you and your fellow campaigners as allowing or advocating violence. This is not the way for adult political debate – whoever does it (left or right).

And to Tim Profitt – take responsibility for your actions sir.

One hopes the law will deal with this incident properly – Valle has filled out a statement and has filed a fourth-degree assault report.  The police stated that “Mr. Profitt is currently being served with a criminal summons ordering him to appear before a Fayette County District Court Judge.”

Enough with this madness.

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