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Violence at Rand Paul event – Right Wing blame the victim

October 26, 2010

UPDATE: 27 October – removed video replaced with working video.

The video above should make anyone’s stomach turn. It makes me sick to see the level to which the American mid-term elections have been so thoroughly pushed into the gutter, with mob mentality prevailing.

Last night’s debacle at a Kentucky Senatorial debate, saw an apparent Rand Paul supporter stomp on the neck/shoulders of a MoveOn activist. This was after she was manhandled to the floor by other members of the crowd.

Her sins it seems were to wear a wig and practice her 1st Amendment right to protest. The victim, Lauren Valle, is a member of the faux Republican group “Republicorp” – set up by MoveOn to demonstrate the “in the bed” relationships between members of the Right Wing and big corporations. As Valle said to journalists later, her sole motive was to hand Paul a “‘RepubliCorp: Employee of the Month” sign.

For exercising this 1st Amendment right to protest – which was what in effect she was going, Lauren Valle was manhandled to the ground and then stomped on.

The video above clearly shows this. Any sane person would condemn this and many have. And as any sane person has deplored any violence by either side of the political spectrum during the past two years and previously.

However there are some on the right who can not simply condemn the actions. As has been seen previously they instead talk about “plants” and “SEIU operatives” and a “Liberal Agenda” to deliberatley paint the right and more importantly the Tea Party as thugs, racists, etc etc.

That doesn’t wash with me.

Any violence – left or right MUST be condemned. And it must not be downplayed or denegrated. By doing so it only shows to others the lengths others will go to, to ignore the fringe elements within their groups instead of standing up and condemning the actions of the few and move forward with a more adult rhetoric.

This is the level of comments I have seen today trying to exuse the behavior above:

On the Huffington Post:

– Stomping on her shoulder was clearly a mistake. He was aiming for her neck.

– This is nothing compared to what’s going to happen to happen to Harry Reid next tuesday night by Karen Angle and the TP

– MoveOn’s goal is to smear the opposition and they found an innocent vessel to carry out their deed.

– She looked like an assassin. Why was she wearing a wig? Thank goodness those brave patriots saved Rand Paul from that crazy lefty.

– Can you prove he was a Republican? Get the facts before you start making accusations. Remember, innocent until proven guilty.

– Personally, I tend to believe that it was another person that “attacked” her to make the Right look bad.

– I suspect the guy who assaulted this worker was a plant and the whole thing was a sham. I can’t believe any group – including the tea party – would endorse that behavior. The media loves sensationalism, and if none exists, hell… find it anyway.

On Fox News:

– The liberal crackup is fun to watch… nothing but a bunch of commies and sore losers.

– oh yeah we asked for a plant from the left(with a wig) to rush a candidate,guess youd rather live with the nice and stable people from code pink etc..

– You can meet him by stopping in at the local MoveOn,org location, I am sure he is there and would appreciate your take on both his and her acting ability.

– I believe the ignorant little nutjob was the move on lady. It’s people like her and the fruit loop from code pink that came to the McCain rally in 08 that show true liberal agendas. She was wrestled to the ground for being STUPID!!! Shouldn’t have happened you say?? Ask Bobby Kennedy or Abe Lincoln about it, maybe even Ronald Reagan….oh wait, they got shot by people JUST LIKE HER!!! Stupid Democats!

– I saw him push her shoulder with his foot which was improper the proper method to stop the attempted assault was to put the foot in her arse.
From The Blaze:
– I personally think she got less than she deserved, but the media will have a field day with this one
– This is a set up most definitely.
Get ready to see codepink and moveon and kos and other Hussain’s people doing even more this kind of stuff as we approach the home strech.
Hussain is inciting violence , as are his yappers in the media.
He is becoming unhinged and they’ll do anything to finish their job of destroying our country .
If they can’t incite our side to commit violence, they’ll do it themselves.
Sore@$$ money buys a lot of lotion
– His “stomp” was certainly a gentle one at that and it would appear that the pressure applied is a direct contradiction to the intent of the act. I really raise the question of whether or not the two of them aren’t working together.
– Darn shame he missed her head. These maggots get what they deserve.
From the headline itself on Gateway Pundit:
– Unhinged Rand Paul Attacker Lauren Valle Is Paid Far Left Activist
And from the comments on that page:
– She assaulted, but was then wrestled to the ground in reply. That’s very okay.
– The MoveOn crowd can do anything they want to do, expecting no accountability. That’s why the riots keep happening in France, Greece and other parts of Europe.
From The Atlantic:
– It’s probably Move On operatives “staging the event”..they’ve have plenty of practice staging Tea Party extremists all year and then trying to get the public to think these are true tea party members!
– Assuming it’s true, how long did these people think they’d get away with pulling pranks like this? It’s called consequences. I’m sorry, but she got what she deserved.
And for the sane side:
– Of course, the TPers will go out of their way to avoid condemning the attack, and instead disown it altogether.
And sadly this is what is happening?
Is this the level of politics now where people will condone the action for point scoring? Is it so hard to condemn an action without making allegations of “plant” or “she deserved it”?
Nothing is right about trying toblame the victim here – that’s like blaming the victim of a rape attack because they wore a short skirt or trying to spin it so it wasn’t rape but a little “rough sex”. Okay so maybe the rape analogy is a step too far, but come on – condemn the action – show that you are against this and stop trying to fob this off as some kind of plot to put you in a bad light – that is not what is happening, the only people in a bad light, other than the idiots that manhandled and stomped on a woman protesting as is her right, are those who will not condemn this and instead will attempt to deflect attention.
And for the record, I condemn and have been on record as condemning any violent actions taken by any side – violence is the sign of a looser.
Now will someone on the right condemn this without making excuses!

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