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Don’t let anyone tell you how to vote

May 5, 2010

It makes me laugh when I see the old vanguard desperatley trying to sway voters to vote for them to keep out one side or Vote the Liberal Democrats to keep out the other side.

True, vote for Us, vote for the Liberal Democrats but don’t do so because some desperate incumbent from Labour tells you so, do it because YOU want to.

Our vote is our weapon – a peaceful and powerful weapon.

I will always talk with people and explain why a vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote for good and genuine change for the country, but in the end of the day it’s your vote and your choice.

The comments made by Hain and Balls and the subsequent trumping by the Tories have shown two parties at their barest – one desperate to cling onto power and knowing it is slipping from them and another rubbing their hands in glee at what they think is rightfully theirs.

Tomorrow we have a chance to show that although the old system may not allow us to get into power yet due to its unfairness, the rise in numbers for the Liberal Democrats shows a country waking up to the fact that there is more than the two old bulldog parties, and that we as a country are making a difference.

I know where my vote is going, I hope others will join in me in voting the Liberal Democrats but always remember – your vote, your choice!

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