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Birthers – the gift that keeps on giving

December 18, 2009

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Andy Martin who has been behind many of the Obama smear rumors

Man, there are days when you see something, that makes you laugh so hard you end up curling into a little ball and cry yourself silly.

Now I have spoken a few times about Sarah Pain, the gift that keeps on giving, but we can’t forget those lovely birthers, who work very hard to entertain the saner members of the public. And with every day guarantee to deliver another conspiracy surrounding President Barack Obama that you haven’t heard before and that is just crazier than the last.

Today while in bed nursing a pretty nasty cold, I was reading the Huffington Post on my phone and came across this headline:

Wikipedia Is A Pro-Obama, Tax-Exempt Scam, Senate Candidate Andy Martin Claims.

With an admitted glee I clicked on the link.


Turns out an ex Senate Candidate named Andy Martin, has placed a two point lawsuit against Wikipedia and Wikimedia respectively, claiming for good measure that these are “tax-exempt protosocialist scam that seeks to harass Republicans, conservatives and Obama opponents.” I stopped sipping my Lemsip to read that again – is this guy serious? Wikipedia, which has been around since 15 January 2001. And yet lets forget that, it’s actually a tool used by “Obamabots” to run an “anti-conservative, anti-Republican and anti-Obama opponent smear operation”.

Like I said the gift that keeps on giving.

Martin put out a press release in which he outlined his complaint:

(NEW YORK)(December 17, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference Thursday, December 17th to announce that he has sued the “protosocialist” Wikipedia/Wikimedia operation for using tax-exempt resources to run a hate campaign against him at the behest of Wikimedia’s Barack Obama supporters.

Martin is in New York for the Second national Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate and College Records.

“No one could characterize the Wikipedia entry on my extraordinary life of public service and personal sacrifice as ‘neutral and impartial,'” Martin says. “It is obviously nothing more than a political smear by Barack Obama’s rabid supporters. Wikimedia and Wikimedia are tax-exempt protosocialist scams that target conservatives, Republicans and opponents of Obama. I am a triple threat when it comes to being the target of Obama agents.

“I am fighting back. We need to expose Wikimedia’s scams. Wikimedia/Wikipedia use tax-exempt resources to spew their venom on innocent victims Martin says. “The public is also a victim of fraud by these leftist Obamabots. I want to bring the facts and the truth about these protosocialist provocateurs to the attention of the American people; nothing less, nothing more.”

Martin also charges that “Wikimedia falsely invokes the Communications Decency Act to defraud federal and state judges as to the true nature of Wikipedia’s operations”.

It should be noted that Andy Martin is a pretty controversial character and a man dubbed as the person behind the Obama Birther rumors. His own blog “Contrarian Commentary” is a self promotion and rant on the various theories he has regarding Barack Obama’s legitimacy. Although he claims to not be a Birther in the league of Orly Taitz (who believes Obama is a Kenyan born individual therefore making him ineligable for Presidency), Martin does believe that the birth certificate available on is not the real deal, and therefore calls for him to show his certificate to quell all rumors. His book: Obama: The Man Behind The Mask, claims that:

Four years of research and writing, four months of wearying travel on the 2008 campaign, and four days of excruciating all-night editing have produced a book that is already a bestseller that raises new questions about Senator Barack Obama’s fitness for the presidency. This is the first book to impartially and independently analyze Obama’s career and place his life in the context of America’s most corrupt big city, Chicago. Unlike right-wing cut-and-paste attacks on Obama, Andy Martin’s book is based on over forty years of experience in Chicago and Illinois politics. While some have sought to exaggerate Obama’s faults and perceived weaknesses Andy has worked to get behind the man, to see the “inner Obama,’ and to present insight, not incendiary attacks that quickly burn out. Andy has created a new kind of bestseller: a coherent and well-organized presentation for the Internet age. Today, the problem is not a lack of commentary and information; rather, people are inundated with bits and pieces. We suffer from “information overload.” But not all information is of equal value, and some of it is downright wrong. While the “gatekeepers” of old no longer rule, accuracy and experience are still at a premium. Andy’s efforts to inform the American public about Senator’s Obama’s past and lack of qualifications to serve as president, were not a top-down driven enterprise. Rather, in a classic Internet model, this book and the columns Andy Martin produces on Senator Obama are a bottom-up driven campaign. People genuinely want to know the truth about this mystery man. Andy works constantly to dig out the facts. That is why Andy will match his forty years plus of Chicago and Illinois political experience against anyone else who claims a piece of the Obama story. He carefully sifts and reviews every piece of information about Obama before publication. He doesn’t shy away from controversy, but he has a reputation for accuracy. Andy has tried to present the “Obama Story” as he progressed from an unknown to an all-too-well-known. Obama is a complicated man. He has led a complicated life. Even the most basic questions about him raise complex answers. This book is packed with analysis, commentary and thought-provoking inquiry about the candidate; Andy has captured his “essence.” (Synopsis from

Martin’s own wiki entry calls him a vexatious litigant and highlights some of the down right nasty law suits and allegations he has made over the years. His political career has also been an up and down unsuccessful rollercoaster. According the wiki entry: “His 1996 run for the Florida State Senate came undone when it was revealed that he had named his campaign committee for his 1986 congressional run “The Anthony R. Martin-Trigona Congressional Campaign to Exterminate Jew Power in America.” The revelation led the state Republican Party to renounce him. Just before the election, he assaulted two cameramen from WPTV, the NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach. He was convicted of criminal mischiefand sentenced to a year in jail.”

Many of his legal filings have, according to the Wiki entry, been anti-semetic in nature, including a 1983 bankruptcy case where he called the presiding judge a “a crooked, slimy Jew who has a history of lying and thieving common to members of his race.” (New York Times)

In recent years Martin has been the source of many of the Obama rumours, including not only the charge that Obama Snr is not the President’s father, but was behind earlier allegations that Obama was trying to conceal his religion, and that Obama had once trained to overthrow the government – all of which have been widely discredited.

As I said the gift that keeps on giving.

As the New York Times article highlights:

Its general outlines have turned up in a host of works that have expounded falsely on Mr. Obama’s heritage or supposed attempts to conceal it, including “Obama Nation,” the widely discredited best seller about Mr. Obama by Jerome R. Corsi. Mr. Corsi opens the book with a quote from Mr. Martin.

“What he’s generating gets picked up in other places,” said Danielle Allen, a professor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J., who has investigated the e-mail campaign’s circulation and origins, “and it’s an example of how the Internet has given power to sources we would have never taken seriously at another point in time.”

It should be noted at this time that according to the Wikipedia Foundation (Living Persons talk):

Note: According to Mike, the Foundation had not received any notice of a lawsuit as midday on the 17th (PDT). Dragons flight (talk) 05:54, 18 December 2009 (UTC)

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  1. seanbond permalink
    December 24, 2009 2:50 pm

    Thanks for this… I was going to post something on Mr. Martin but got sidetracked. The longer this “Birther Conspiracy” drags out the more people begin to realize what nut jobs these people are. Ultimately and sadly, this boils down to one issue, racism. There are a lot of American citizens who hate the idea that an African American can be the head of this country. During the 2008 election season I saw the viral race filled videos of people at McCain rallies and it was sickening.

    For the non believers, here’s the birth certificate…

    I would bet money in 2012 this birther issue will be used by the clueless twits who will not accept pure facts and move on.

    • December 24, 2009 3:15 pm

      Very much agreed Sean.

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