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The ‘Quitter from Wasilla’ quits again

December 11, 2009

Sarah Palin a quitter? You betcha!

Okay so maybe I have a slightly unhealthy fascination with good ol’ gal Sarah Palin, but I do stress only in the way that she’s the present that just keeps on giving. Every time she opens her mouth she delivers one of those treasures you just want to keep forever and you are guaranteed to be entertained.

Now please do not mix up entertained with some kind of flattering remark towards her, but entertained in the way you keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Basically, a few days ago, the hockey mom wrote a piece on her face book page weighing in to the whole climate change and Climategate debate. This was picked up by the Washington Post as an “Op-Ed” (opinion piece) and not surpisingly the Post was lambasted for posting a “boycott call” as news.

Here is Palin’s post in full: (Thanks to the Huffington Post)

“The president’s decision to attend the international climate conference in Copenhagen needs to be reconsidered in light of the unfolding Climategate scandal. The leaked e-mails involved in Climategate expose the unscientific behavior of leading climate scientists who deliberately destroyed records to block information requests, manipulated data to “hide the decline” in global temperatures, and conspired to silence the critics of man-made global warming. I support Senator James Inhofe’s call for a full investigation into this scandal. Because it involves many of the same personalities and entities behind the Copenhagen conference, Climategate calls into question many of the proposals being pushed there, including anything that would lead to a cap and tax plan.
Policy should be based on sound science, not snake oil. I took a stand against such snake oil science when I sued the federal government over its decision to list the polar bear as an endangered species despite the fact that the polar bear population has increased. I’ve never denied the reality of climate change; in fact, I was the first governor to create a subcabinet position to deal specifically with the issue. I saw the impact of changing weather patterns firsthand while serving as governor of our only Arctic state. But while we recognize the effects of changing water levels, erosion patterns, and glacial ice melt, we cannot primarily blame man’s activities for the earth’s cyclical weather changes. The drastic economic measures being pushed by dogmatic environmentalists won’t change the weather, but will dramatically change our economy for the worse.

Policy decisions require real science and real solutions, not junk science and doomsday scare tactics pushed by an environmental priesthood that capitalizes on the public’s worry and makes them feel that owning an SUV is a “sin” against the planet. In his inaugural address, President Obama declared his intention to “restore science to its rightful place.” Boycotting Copenhagen while this scandal is thoroughly investigated would send a strong message that the United States government will not be a party to fraudulent scientific practices. Saying no to Copenhagen and cap and tax are first steps in “restoring science to its rightful place.”

Now Climate Gate has been debunked as a non controversy. But this has not stopped Palin and other good ol’ boys from Fox and other right wing outlets, using this as an excuse to have a go at (ex) Vice President Al Gore who has been a champion of climate change awareness for a while and specifically relevant with his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”.

But Gore has fought back. Speaking to NBC he said:

“the deniers are persisting in an era of unreality. The entire North Polar ice cap is disappearing before our eyes … what do they think is happening?”

Now the “war” between two term ex VP and second place quitter, has heated up with both sides calling for a debate. But what has Palin said? Speaking to Laura Ingraham (thanks to Think Progress);

INGRAHAM: Would you agree to a debate with Al Gore on this issue?
PALIN: Oh my goodness. You know, it depends on what the venue would be, what the forum. Because Laura, as you know, if it would be some kind of conventional, traditional debate with his friends setting it up or being the commentators I’ll get clobbered because, you know, they don’t want to listen to the facts. They don’t want to listen to some reasonable voices in this. And that was proven with the publication of this op-ed, where they kind of got all we-weed up about it and wanted to call me and others deniers of changing weather patterns and climate conditions. Trying to make the issue into something that it is not.

INGRAHAM: But what if it’s an Oxford-style, proper debate format. I mean, he’s going to chicken out. I mean, if you challenge him to a debate, do you actually think he would accept it?

PALIN: I don’t know, I don’t know. Oh, he wouldn’t want to lower himself, I think, to, you know, my level to debate little old Sarah Palin from Wasilla.

Anyone else surprised that Sarah quits yet again? No! See this is a woman who is happy to use Facebook to hide behind throwing eggs at people but the minute someone calls her up on it, she runs and hides, citing that “dirty bird librul media”. She claims to be this pit bull champing at the bit to debate the issues but becomes a weak woman when called upon. And as a woman myself I find this intolerable. If you can’t stand the heat Sarah stay out of the kitchen. You seem amply capable of throwing stones but somehow become demure when asked to expand on those points.

But she still has time for Facebook remarks:

However, he’s [Gore] wrong in calling me a “denier.” As I noted in my op-ed above and in my original Facebook post on Climategate, I have never denied the existence of climate change. I just don’t think we can primarily blame man’s activities for the earth’s cyclical weather changes.

Well Sarah comprehension reality for you – Gore didn’t specifically call you a denier. And if you going to keep airing your views in public get ready for another reality check, you have to defend yourself. And if you think this is hard now, if you really (god help us) have any aspirations for a 2012 run at the White House, this right here is the least of your worries.

As Jason Linkins on the Huffington Post says:

So, per Palin, Al Gore can either agree to a debate set up according to the rules and customs of Alaska’s Miss Teen Wordpower, or refuse to do so and be called an elitist who won’t “debate little old Sarah Palin from Wasilla.”

Meanwhile, I have to imagine that the primary reason that Al Gore will probably never agree to a debate with Sarah Palin on climate change policy, is because what would be the point? Sarah Palin does not, and will not ever, have anything at all to do with climate change policy. But hey, if Al Gore turns out to have some unrevealed, yet deeply-felt opinions on bowling, we can do this.

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  1. Lisa Harding permalink
    December 11, 2009 4:30 pm

    You know, the thing that really really scares me about Sarah Palin is that she genuinely believes that she is right and that Democrats like President Obama and others are the antichrist and to be likened to Hitler.

    I hope for the sake of all reasoned Americans that any bid she makes for the presidency in 2012 is well and truly swept aside by someone with a sense of decency and integrity. I mean this is the ex governor of Alaska who left her constituents before she had even accomplished anything to purely try and escape the corruption charges she is soon going to face!

    • December 11, 2009 4:33 pm

      I think what scares me most is how people are following her and the movement that has grown in America since Obama came into power: IE: the tea party members and the Birthers. Palin is just a rain drop in the grand scheme of things, but at the same time, I do worry about the movement gathering too much momentum. But yes I think if she ran, PBO would have little to worry about – unless by 2010 the whole of the US had gone as mad as some of the extreme rights followers.

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