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Smoking outside worse than carbon monoxide???

December 4, 2009

Smokers - a bit like marmite

Smokers - a bit like Marmite

Two years ago the UK joined many other countries in outlawing smoking in public indoor spaces. This meant the end of trying to enjoy a succulent steak with a hint of smoke from the people lighting up around you. For some like me it was the kick I needed to stop smoking.

However while it was good for some it was bad for others. Pubs have been closing down at a rate of knots, suffering from the exodus of patrons who liked a quiet smoke with a quiet pint. Though anti smoking groups had promised that with no more smoking in pubs and restaurants, they would finally be able to enjoy a night out, the droves in numbers they promised did not match the droves staying away.

And have you been to a gig of late? No longer do we have the stench of smoke to mask the mass stench of sweaty moshers watching their favorite band on stage. That big guy standing next to you – I know you notice him because you can smell him too.

And here’s a conspiracy! Have you noticed how many more fat people there are around? You know what they say! Stop smoking and the weight piles on as you rediscover your taste buds. I know, I put on weight after I stopped smoking.

Two years. Two years of people now huddling outside venues, under doorways as they struggle for warmth and that silky smooth drag.

And yet the anti smoking brigade STILL are not happy.

There have been mutterings about what to do with the disgusting people who blow smoke in your face as you walk down the street. A deliberate act akin to a slap in the face and your poor lungs that had been happily breathing in that lovely clean air before that idiot walked by smoking the death stick OUTSIDE! How very dare heB

But wait. The geezer smoking his cigarette is more bothersome than the air being choked by the many cars clogging the streets in endless traffic jams or the factories spewing out their waste or look at the sky, the dirty dirty metal bird spewing its fumes directly into that hazy sky????

I know someone blowing smoke in your face is rude but when venues put the smoking stop right outside the doors that’s hardly the fault of the smoker is it? And aren’t you satisfied enough that not only is the pub smoke free but you have your choice of seats now a lot more people are staying at home?

Or will you, the anti smoking brigade, not be happy until you have exerted your will on the smokers? Because while jumping up and down and demanding your rights, you are doing the same but jumping on the rights of the smoker.

The propoganda machine tries to say that smokers are normally unemployed and aren’t contributing anything to the NHS which they are accused of draining. But I work, my husband works and while I’m thinking about it, the government takes about £9 Billion pound in taxes from the sale of cigarettes and that’s on top of the taxes working smokers pay in national insurance so we pay twice.

And this the thing everytime I see the anti smoking brigade yelp again about wanting to drive all smokers into a hole and out of their world, I find myself wanting to pick up a cigarette in protest. Damn you!

I get it, you don’t like smoking and I understand smoking hurts people, but I find it absolutley repugnant that while demanding your rights you are happy to stamp on the rights of others.

And by the way please tell me how smokers outside is much worse than the exhaust fumes of cars polluting the air?

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